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MANVILLE: Dog stabbed, resident tells Borough Council
Police investigating; there are witnesses
In the night of Monday, Feb. 17, a dog was stabbed in the neck on Brooks Boulevard. The family pet needed stitches and is on the mend.

The McGinn family is upset and just wants answers why. They adopted Percy, a retriever, last year as a rescue dog.

”He is one of the family,” said the father, Alan McGinn.

Lorraine McGinn brought the issue to the Borough Council meeting Monday. Visibly shaken and emotional, she said her dog had been stabbed in the neck on their property, and there were witnesses.

Police Chief Mark Peltack asked Mayor Angelo Corradino to be excused from the meeting so he could talk with Ms. McGinn. The mayor offered his office and the two left the room.

Later, after the chief had talked with Ms. McGinn, Mr. McGinn arrived at the meeting, the chief said.Chief Peltack said Wednesday no one had been charged and the matter was under investigation between the detective bureau and animal control.

As with cases still being investigated, he didn’t offer many details, except they were interviewing people.

Mayor Corradino said he hoped someone would be charged shortly.Mr. McGinn had just arrived home and just missed the stabbing incident, he said.

”My kids were covered in blood and holding tight to Percy,” he said.

Mr. McGinn said his wife saw the man leaning over the fence and stabbing the dog in the neck. A neighbor across the road also witnessed it, yelled “and the coward ran off on foot,” he said.

Mr. McGinn identified the person he thought was responsible. He said his family and his neighbors across the street have been “targeted” by the man, to the point of enduring slashed tires on the same nights.

He said he had “been begging police for protection or surveillance” on his North 6th Avenue home on the phone, in person and at the station. He said he had stood in his yard with Percy in the evenings for about one hour for the past week “and did not see any patrol cars drive by.”

The chief said the department and the McGinns have ironed out miscommunications. There were missed calls because Mr. McGinn had called the detective bureau on a weekend, when normally no one is in the office, he said. He said patrols have been informed of the situation and make periodic checks of the neighborhood.Ms. McGinn told the council that the night of the incident was “horrible. I have three children and the dog comes in the house and he has blood on him. My daughter is holding him.”

Both Ms. McGinn and her husband have been working with the detective bureau but still have not had “any resolution,” they said.

”I feel that my family is being targeted right now and I am scared and my children are scared,” said Mr. McGinn. “We have been sleeping on the same level with my kids for a week because this guy is still out there. It is frightening,” she said.Chief Peltack told Ms. McGinn, “The only thing that I can tell you right now is that the matter is under investigation between our detective and the animal control bureau.”

By Mary Ellen Day, Special Writer
Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 5:47 PM EST

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